Free Download: Simple Fundraising Appeal Template

advice appeals diy free download fundraising how to resources Mar 21, 2022

So it’s time to write an appeal letter for your nonprofit. You sit down and look at a blank page. Ugh… hate that feeling.

Well, at least for your next appeal, you don’t have to worry!

After last week's post - 10 Tips to Raise More Money With Your Next Fundraising Appeal I had several people reach out to me and ask me to share examples of good appeal letters. 

I am going to do something even better. I am offering a free appeal template. I used a very simple Canva template and put together a framework to get a great appeal letter together. I also applied the best practices mentioned in the previous post to the appeal so it meets all the requirements. 

This template includes: 
  • The ready-to-print letter - including prompts to get you to the best wording possible. We used a Canva template so you can just update your fonts, colors, and BAM, it's ready to go.
  • An example where the template is filled out entirely for a sample organization - so you can see what it looks like in action. Sometimes it's easier to see the final product first.
  • The template to convert your letter into an email - including the email header, your custom signature, and a donate button for you to link to your giving page. Again, all in Canva to drag and drop your photos and update your branding.
  • Sample social media posts - all you need to do is add your pictures.
  • An example of a branded giving form so you can see how to use our templates to make your giving page more powerful.

>>Download Your Fundraising Appeal Template Here <<