My most referred tools and resources for nonprofits.

Kevin's Endorsed Nonprofit Products and Services

The following are the products and services I use and endorse for nonprofits. Some of the links are affiliate links while others are not. I do NOT recommend certain products over others for the money, so if you decide to purchase a product from a link below, please write to me and let me know and if I receive a referral fee from your purchase, I will be happy to donate that referral fee to your nonprofit. Also, if there is a software, solution, product, or service you absolutely love, please let me know. I am always excited to find other amazing nnonprofit solutions. Reach me at [email protected]

TechSoup - Software and Service Donation Program

TechSoup is a company that goes out and finds nonprofit discounts on software and services. Many companies like Microsoft, Dropbox, Intuit, and Adobe donate or give discounts exclusively through TechSoup. Go online and set-up your free account and see if there is anything you already use that can be discounted. *Throughout this resource guide I put a link directly to TechSoup for discounts offered by participating companies.

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Canva - Online Design Studio

Nonprofits always need things designed. Social media posts, flyers, brochures, presentations, event invitations… you name it. Canva is an online design service that makes the work of designing easier than ever. Save time and get professional looking templates – all you have to do is swap out the colors and photos and you’re on your way.

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Stewardship Technology (EGS) - Online Giving

All nonprofits should accept donations online. Unfortunately, I see so many nonprofits settle for using Paypal to collect payments (the worst!). I recommend all nonprofits get an account with Stewardship Technology. This online giving portl allows you to embed a giving form right on your website so donors are no redirected away from your site. Then, they keep all donor records straight for you so you can send one-time gift acknowledgment letters or itemized annual tax receipts. This works as a basic donor management system or easily allows you to export your gifts to your CRM.

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Keap (Max Classic) - Donor Management/CRM

For organizations that have grown to the point of needing a more robust donor management system, I often recommend organizations consider looking at Keap (formerly Infusionsoft). This is a “marketing automation” software that lets you manage tasks, automatically take actions (like send an email or schedule a call) based upon constituent behavior. I really like using Keap to segment nonprofit audiences based on their interests, capacity, and likelihood to give. Stewardship Technology even has an integration that you can use to seamlessly bring your donations into Keap.

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Google Workspace (for Nonprofits) - Email and File Storage

Everyone knows what Gmail is… nonprofits can use Gmail for free… but instead of you can customize it to your own domain name ( Google Workspace is more than just your inbox, there is file storage, online word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, online chat and video conferencing, and so much more. Best of all, it is free for nonprofits.

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QuickBooks and QuickBooks Payroll - Accounting Software Package

All nonprofits need to keep good records of their income and expenses. You need a good accounting software to keep your records flawless. QuickBooks is the industry standard accounting solution and I see no reason for organizations to go anywhere else. I also recommend that nonprofits use the full-service payroll option with QuickBooks as well. Sign up for QuickBooks Online and Payroll below. Then apply for a nonprofit discount through TechSoup for Online or Desktop versions.  

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Bookkeep On the Cheap - Bookkeeping

I have never found a more affordable group of bookkeepers for nonprofits and small businesses. This is a small firm, and they are not taking new customers, but the firm I founded, Mission By Design, has a block of accounts. Simply email the Support Team and tell them that I sent you, they will find a way to accommodate you. The idea behind this firm is that the use QuickBooks certified bookkeepers in India to keep the cost low and they pass the savings on to nonprofits and entrepreneurs who are in the early years of staring their business. The quality is great and the price is right. Unlimited transactions starting at $100 per month and going up by the number of accounts you have, the value is unbelievable.

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 Squarespace - Website Builder

Every nonprofit needs a website (duh!). Over the years I’ve changed my recommendations based upon how the companies are developing. I am currently recommending Squarespace for their pricing and ease of use. While Squarespace may limit your development to the features they allow, I find this to be overall a benefit because it keeps your website focused, clean, and consistent with your brand.

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Nonprofit Insurance Alliance - Insurance

Every nonprofit will need insurance at some point or another. For general liability and directors and officers coverage, I recommend browsing the offerings at Nonprofit Insurance Alliance. They have helped so many of the nonprofits I’ve worked with find the right coverage and referred them to an agent that understands nonprofit needs.

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Virtuous - Donor Management/CRM

For organizations that are $1million or more in annual revenue, I suggest seriously considering Virtuous. You can either use your existing donations processor (such as Stewardship) or pay a little more for Virtuous’ Stripe integration (called Virtuous Give). Virtuous is a robust CRM with Donor Management AI and workflows built in.

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Instant Nonprofit - Start-Up and Compliance Services

If you are starting a nonprofit, I love to refer business to my friends at Instant Nonprofit. They are thorough and know nonprofits inside and out. They will walk you through the various stages of starting your nonprofit and work with you until you are tax exempt. Don’t over-pay by going to an attorney who does not specialize or go to a large firm that doesn’t understand the complexities of nonprofits. This team will get you up in running in no time. They also do ongoing compliance. State and IRS paperwork distracts you from the work you need to do, for a small monthly feel they do it all for you!

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Charitable Allies - Nonprofit Legal Services

Nonprofits have their own unique legal challenges. Never trust an attorney who does not specialize in nonprofits, or you are opening yourself up to even more liability. My friends at Charitable Allies are nonprofit legal experts and they are there for you for any nonprofit specific needs you have. From the very basics to litigation and from start-up to dissolutions, they can be your advocates and help you do good.

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MinistrySafe - Background Checks and Training

It is imperative that nonprofits, especially those that work with children, undertake efforts to conduct background checks and sex abuse avoidance training. MinistrySafe offers an easy to use product to help nonprofit leaders manage their team’s training and background searches to avoid unnecessary risk.

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ConvertKit - Email, Marketing Automation, and Landing Pages

You cannot beat ConvertKit in terms of value. If you are planning on doing some marketing automation (automatic actions based on time or behavior) then seriously consider ConvertKit. Included is a landing page generator and the ability to embed sign-up forms. Plus, it includes mass-email capabilities. The biggest drawback is that email design templates do not exist, but for donor relations, personal looking emails are often preferable anyway.

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MailChimp - Email Marketing and Landing Pages

MailChimp may be the most well-known email marketing service out there. The basic version is free for less than 2,000 contacts making it a great place to start for nonprofits. I like it for the drag and drop builder and the easy templates. If you need to upgrade, Mailchimp offers a 15% discount to nonprofits and charities that are able to verify tax exempt status. Simply submit a request for a nonprofit discount by visiting the MailChimp contact form and select Billing. Under Billing, select Non-Profit Discount Requests, and click Access. Follow the steps to be approved for a discount. Why not!?

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Other Resources Worth Mentioning