• Kevin Kacvinsky

The Role of a Nonprofit Fundraiser

Charity is a powerful force because of the paradox that the giver is also a receiver.

Centuries ago Saint Francis noticed the giving paradox when he said “it is in giving that we receive“. It’s a cool thing what God did in creating charity. The paradox of the giver being the one who receives is what keeps charitable work going. It’s the force that no government program can imitate and that keeps only truly impactful charities around long-term.

The job of a good nonprofit fundraiser is to use story, media, and all of the means of the present age to illustrate the paradox — to help the donor experience ”receiving” in return for their gift.

Fundraising is facilitating the realization that the donor made an impact; that their gift made the world a better place; that they are a hero. Donors receive something immeasurable in return for giving - the art is in helping them see what that is and using words to express, media to show, and action to help them feel that they made a difference.

Ultimately charities take time and money and create impact. If we do not have a cause that can create impact through the use of volunteer hours and/or funds, we will never be successful at fundraisng.

Donor-centric fundraising is based on the premise that a donor’s gift created impact; therefore his or her life has improved; they’ve become better for making their gift AND the world is a better place. If we truly felt that our contribution made an impact each and every time we gave, why wouldn't we all be more generous?