• Kevin Kacvinsky

Tip: Free/Discounted Services for Nonprofits to Help During Coronavirus Chaos

I just wanted to send this out real quick - I think it can help your nonprofits and ministries during these times. There are several companies that are offering FREE COVID-19 pricing you may want to take advantage of: 

1. Evite (the email invitation people) are offering Evite Pro for free for the next year if you sign up now. It may be a good idea to sign up for it and set a calendar reminder to cancel the auto-renew mid-April next year. You can send up to 2,500 evites per event. Maggie from the Benedict XVI Institute is awesome and she's going to use it to invite people to a few Zoom webinar events to spruce up the process and make the RSVP and communication super easy. https://www.evite.com/pro/

2. Stewardship Technology is offering its online giving platform for free plus $0 onboarding fees during this pandemic (new clients only). MBD signed a deal with Stewardship to develop our new round-up programs (Virtual Baby Bottle, CatholicCent, MissionCent, etc.) and they are being built on this platform. Because of that partnership, we can now offer some benefits to our clients. This software is used by many of my clients already (Birth Choice, Saint John Institute, Teach for Christ, etc.) and Kevin also uses it for the nonprofit he founded, Missions of Hope. Not only do you get online giving pages, but the program does your tax receipts for you. There are event registration modules and text to give as well. To get this pricing you will need to schedule a demo with Laura. Tell her you’re an MBD contact and she will give you the sweet hookups. https://calendly.com/lauradiaz/demo-15-20min

3. GoToMeeting is free for 3 months, that should get you out of the most difficult part of this pandemic: https://blog.gotomeeting.com/coronavirus-disruptions-and-support/

4. Zoom is probably the most popular virtual meeting platform used by nonprofits. I know most of my clients signed up already. However, did you know you can get a DISCOUNT? Tech Soup offers a discount. https://www.techsoup.org/zoom

5. TechSoup: While you're checking Zoom out, if you haven't already seen all the things Tech Soup offers, you should browse. You may be able to get discounts on things you already use (such as Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.). Buyer beware, though: You pay the advertised TechSoup Admin Fee, then often times you still have to pay the company too. It still ends up being cheaper for you. But when you see a $15 admin fee, don't assume that's what it will be for a year of your subscription you're looking at. You may, for example, pay $15 admin fee to get 50% off a subscription to XYZ. Check it out. https://www.techsoup.org/

Hope these two things can help you out!