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Borrow My Brain

Perhaps you are out of ideas or maybe you just don't know what the next move should be. Many leaders who borrow my brain just don't know where to start; others have been successful, but for some reason doing it "the way we have always done it" just isn't working. 


You probably just need an infusion of creativity or some guidance.

Nobody knows your mission more than you. All you need is someone to brainstorm with — someone that can clarify what you already know, provide actionable and practical advice, and help you know which decisive action to take.

I specialize in just about everything nonprofit: start-up, fundraising, grant writing, marketing, and advertising. My clients include over 200 nonprofits. Schools and universities, churches and ministries, dioceses and religious congregations, individual missionaries, and grassroots movements. 


Book a “Borrow My Brain” Session today.


In your Borrow My Brain session, I will work with you one-on-one to understand your situation and identify where you want to be. Then I can share unique insights from other organizations I have worked with. When we are finished assessing, I can develop totally custom strategies just for your organization. My promise is that you will walk away with an action plan for bridging the gap between where you are and where you need to be.

You should schedule a session if …
  • You have a conundrum (like something isn't going as planned or an event or fundraiser failed or needed to be canceled, for example)

  • Your organization has lost momentum and you’re not sure how to jump-start it

  • You are not adding donors

  • You’ve got an idea for a new nonprofit/cause and need professional insight or help to get it started

  • You think you might want to make a pivot or undertake a large project (capital campaign, for example)

How it works:
  1. Fill out my "Borrow My Brain Questionnaire" by clicking the button below.

  2. Upon submission, you will be able to request a time slot and submit your payment.

  3. We strategize for 60 minutes.


Prior to the call, I will spend an hour combing through whatever content you feel is relevant. This helps us hit the ground running. During our session, I provide customized strategies aligned with your stated goals, and will answer every question you ask.

The cost of a session is $1,297.

You may purchase a group of hours at a discount. 

“Kevin Kacvinsky is the most trusted, reliable, innovative, and dedicated development person anyone could ever hope to work with…"